Biden Speech

Interesting how he bumbled on “are not” in the 2nd “are not bad people”, and what a crowd…

Joe Biden:

If you go out and bundle $250K for me, all legal, and then you call me after I’m elected and say ‘Joe, I’d like to talk to you about something.’ I’m gonna say ‘Come on in.’ It’s human nature….

It’s just human nature people, don’t even worry one bit about corporate authoritarianism. That’s just human nature too. Corporations are people, and people are good. You don’t want robots to run the country, do you? We have the strongest, wisest, moral people right here in America! Have you met Walmart? Amazon? I’m sure you have. Those are two great people! Amazon is going to fly to the moon. Can you fly to the moon? I bet you can’t.

But don’t you worry, you can leave me a message. You can leave me a message anytime. I won’t call back, but I’ll have a real person listen to them, and delete them. Messages are pollution, so that’s part of my middle ground climate change package. Speaking of climate change, can someone turn up the heat in here? I’m cold. (Biden checks his pulse) I’m still alive though! Life in America is great. We can do anything we want! And we’re going to put the soul back in America!


Oratory Resistence

The translation of energy into space, four walls, a place, the intercessor regressor trapped viable seconds in pliable minutes to erase

the planked floor, no ceiling, no door, her body detended appendages, her mind inflated to defend the delineated line between the identified and the identifying

Her soft face, the curve of her lips, flickering eyelids, the collected particles that measured the meters and timing of the irresolution of my words that circled off into their evanescent revolutions

Constancy slipped into a nice fit when cosmological fabrication of creation, amporphousness to revelation a consent of integration from classical mass reciprocity to the last literal sense, the intense, incensed pash of existence

La Llorona

La Llorona is on a lot of people’s minds. Apparently, there’s a movie out about her. That ruins everything. La Llrona has done gone mainstream.

It was one of Mexico’s best kept folklore secrets. Much to my chagrin, they let the weeping woman out of the bag.

Here’s the rundown; She, Maria, throws her kids in the river, a few days later she is found dead by the river, she’s not allowed into heaven till she finds her children, she kidnaps kids, she cries a lot. My kind of story. Lamia, meet Maria…

I first heard of La Llorona because of Joan Baez. It’s a traditional folk song found on her Gracias A La Vida album. I scored the LP at a rummage sale, or a store dustbin, for a buck. The whole record is good, but that was my favorite song. The record is sung entirely in Spanish, but I liked the song so much I had to know what it was about. The lyric translation was online. It’s no wonder I gravitated towards it. That was the real score – Strange knowledge!

The record is probably available in dustbins for a buck still. Or you can check it out online. Being a folk song, there’s a lot of different versions by different people. Probably not as many out there as La Bamba though… also a good folk tune. I’ve got a’many versions of that one on vinyl. The version of La

Llorona I can’t find is by a Mexican what sounded like a goth band. I saw the video online like 20 years ago. It was a claymation piece. I think it may have been a clip from an obscure movie. If there’s any chance you know what version I’m talking about, drop a comment, for sure.

Rank Direction

A haiku that lasted a year on the gears of a mechanical swan rusted through to my milk jug, filling it with the filaments of a doghanmer. It was just a word or two, a cyclone that rapt the onlooking hemispheres with amorous fears of Hemmingways; those bulbous eggtrails cracking smiles like windy seeds. I did not concede to the swamp reeds, but my feet were onerous towards the toothless savages that spent the sap of bristling seethes. I took one letter out of one word and expedited it into saffron by means of fingertips and wings. The shoreman kicked the doorman, and the notepaper drowned in the sound of swirls on her cake as unaccountable harvests grew on my plate. My spleen became obscene, because nonessential amity could not wait to engulf the crusty husk sediment grade cave markings embarking subcutaneously. She severed the heaven, and fluffed the gruff toiler till the sun chose to abate. This course forced too much discretion.

Grilling Andrew Yang

10 Hardline questions for Donald Trump’s worst fear

  1. What about inflation? I know, I know! Everybody asks you that. Inflation doesn’t exist. There is no such thing. But just in case there is, would you be willing to regulate?
  2. Do you believe in automation? Is that the direction we should be going in? I view automation as human dignity. They are automating the idiot work. I believe humans are better than that. Is there anything we can do to expedite that? Will the Freedom Dividend prod automation?
  3. You seek to continue to send money to Israel. Obama sent 35 billion for military activities alone. Israel is an ally, obviously. Do we have to buy our allies?
  4. Are you in effect buying the vote? You vote for me, and I’ll give you $1000/month. Sounds like a deal. Sold. One vote.
  5. You stated that everyone from poor people to billionaires will support the FD, aka UBI. Why would a billionaire care about their personal 12k?
  6. An Asian man who is good at math is Donald Trump’s polar opposite? Are you an identitarian? You’ve renounced the alt right, appropriately so, but can you see why they gravitate towards you?
  7. You don’t support MMT, yet the FD sounds… very… expensive. Can you explain why you don’t support MMT, and how you plan on paying for all this free stuff?
  8. It’s possible that the FD could create a rightwing argument for slowing down immigration. Will undocumented immigrants have access to the FD? Will they get it upon citizenship?
  9. It’s thought that the FD will encourage the rightwing to eliminate social programs. How can you combat that? Dysfunctional people on disability are used as the paradigm as to why the FD will not work. It’ll make everybody lazy. Is there any need to make people work, who don’t care to? If so, how will you encourage activity, so everybody isn’t stiffened up from being bed ridden? Do you think feminism will suffer as families decide which partner is going to work, and which will be domestic?
  10. You do not believe in a minimum wage. What will stop companies from decreasing wages in light of the FD? Hey! These people can survive on five an hour now! Let’s cut them!

It may sound like I do not support Yang by now, but I do. However, he is a neoprogressive veering toward a neoliberal, from my perspective. I file him under progressive-lite.

So far his biggest issue has been an inability to debate. He’s a little insecure in conversations where he is being unapolegetically challenged. I question whether or not he works well under stress.

Another weakness is he is an unknown. Everybody these days thinks that an interview on some YouTube channels, and 5 minutes on FOX is good enough coverage. I think that will get the 16 year olds, and a handful of fringe middle aged folk. He is presently at 3% in the polls, which is appropriately a quarter of the battle. He’ll be in the debates, and doing town halls. I really believe in a return to paper – handouts; pamphlets, flyers, cards. Someone who is obscure needs a team to infiltrate the apathetic, especially with a theme like $1000/month! Hit the laundromats, the bars, and the soup kitchens! Ger the winos, the clerks, the gangbangers, the punk rockers, the SSI recipients, etc etc. Yang is facing an opportunity to create more new voters than anyone ever has! I’m left feeling like he’s not that serious. Two appearances on Pakman does not a campaign make. Put some hustle in the bustle, and get the word out!